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And, most important, here is a newly edited text of one of the most vital and important works of American literature, the Autobiography. As fascinating and as relevant as ever, this timeless collection of writings reveals an extraordinary man whose mind was always curious, always questioning, and who forever remained dedicated to the principles of truth and liberty. Read An Excerpt. Silverman Best Seller. Paperback —. Add to Cart. Also by Benjamin Franklin. See all books by Benjamin Franklin. Letters From An American Farmer.

The Portable Benjamin Franklin (Penguin Classics)

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The Portable Benjamin Franklin (Penguin Classics)

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Darkness Sticks to Everything. Tom Hennen. Poison , Proud , Virtue. Success , Humility , Order. Mom , Daughter , Mother. Freedom , Character , People. Men , Littles , Herbs. Education , Thinking , Voice. School , Patriotic , Support. Wisdom , Men , Bags. Wise , Wisdom , 4th Of July. Happiness , Virtue , Virtuous. Humility , Pride , Giving. Source: edsitement. Education , Reading , Mind. Religious , Thinking , Religion. Benjamin Franklin, Jared Sparks Justice , Benefits , Virtue.