Manual Social Phenomena: From Data Analysis to Models

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East , University of Kentucky Follow. Researchers use natural phenomena in a number of disciplines to help explain human behavioral outcomes. Research regarding the potential effects of magnetic fields on animal and human behavior indicates that fields could influence outcomes of interest to social scientists.


Tests so far have been limited in scope. The emphasis on breadth of topical coverage in these statistical trials, rather than on depth of development for any one model, means that evidence is only suggestive — but geomagnetic readings frequently covary with social and political variables in a fashion that seems inexplicable in the absence of a causal relationship.

The pattern often holds up in more-elaborate statistical models.

Analysis provides compelling evidence that geomagnetic variables furnish valuable information to models. Many researchers are already aware of potential causal mechanisms that link human behavior to geomagnetic levels and this evidence provides a compelling case for continuing to develop the line of research with in-depth, focused analysis.

East, Jackie R. Social streams are aggregations of data that are produced by temporal sequences of users' activities in socio-technical systems like Twitter or Facebook where others can perceive the manifestation of these activities and social and algorithmic forces determine how items are displayed.

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Although previous research has shown that social streams are a useful source for many types of information including the assessment of damage after disasters like earthquakes or of opinions or attitudes towards certain subjects , most existing approaches at that point in time treated social streams as collections of text snippets and neglected the fact that social streams emerge through user activities.

My PhD thesis explored relations between user activities which generate a stream and therefore impact the emergent structure of that stream and the semantics of that stream and proposed novel approaches for incorporating user behavior into the text mining process.

I introduced a network-theoretic model of social streams which enables the formal description of social streams and the structures that emerge from them. Wikiwhere helps to answer the question where this information comes from by analyzing and visualizing the geographic location of external links that are displayed on a given Wikipedia article.

Instead of relying solely on the IP location of a given URL, our machine learning models additionally consider the top level domain and the website language. Mohsen Jadidi, Inequality and success in social systems, - present. Lisette Espin Noboa, Explaining links and attributes in networks, - present.

Social Phenomena

Olga Zagovora, Altmetrics: Alternative impact measures for scientific work, - present Dimitar Dimitrov, Modelling navigation in information networks, completed Best Paper Award pdf. Best Paper Award pdf acceptance rate Best Paper pdf. Best Student Paper pdf.