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Kiss Me Deadly Robert Aldrich, The movie that virtually killed off the classic knight errant private eye forever. Righteous cop Glenn Ford then teams up with the disfigured moll to bring the guilty parties, cops as well as gangsters, to book for the murder of his wife. Claustrophobic, shadow filled cinematography, a torture scene involving a hearing aid and some infamously overt sexual imagery have helped make The Big Combo a cult item that flaunted the Hollywood production code.

Detour Edgar G Ulmer, A bona fide low-budget cult classic this one, and all in less than 68 delirious minutes. Hitchhiker Tom Neal is unable to stop the chain of events that lead to his downfall after being picked up by on the highway by a driver who then ups and dies on him. Innovative sets and lighting and the first-person narration established Dymtryk as an early noir pioneer and Chandler himself considered Powell as close to his ideal screen Marlowe. Mesmerising, elegant, and wonderfully stylish with a stand out performance from Clifton Webb as the effete, waspish newspaper columnist who types in the bath.

And did I mention that unforgettable theme from David Raksin? In the signature flashback scenes we find out just what. Night and the City Jules Dassin, Blacklisted by Hollywood, Dassin relocated to London for this lacerating tale of spiv Harry Fabian Richard Widmark who always seems to find himself behind the eight ball despite his grandiose plans. Widmark is sensational as the doomed protagonist always running from someone or something as his life spirals out of control.

As ever, Welles lost control of the final cut of the movie and wrote an impassioned page memo to the head of Universal Studios but to no avail — until finally in a restored version close to his original vision appeared. The inevitable demise of the monstrous Quinlan plays like a Shakespearean tragedy.

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There are no gangsters, no guns, no one is killed, but Sweet Smell of Success is the blackest of noirs. The Killing Stanley Kubrick, year-old Kubrick produced his first masterwork, which served as the prototype for Reservoir Dogs , about a racetrack heist that goes wrong and the aftermath. A brilliant ensemble cast of noir regulars but special kudos to Timothy Carey as a crazed sniper and a gloriously sluttish Marie Windsor whose actions are the catalyst for the disastrous chain of events.

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  6. Criss Cross Robert Siodomak, One of the joys of classic era noir was watching he-men like Robert Mitchum and Lancaster cast as the prize chump manipulated by femmes fatales as in this, possibly the most underrated film noir of all. A payroll heist goes wrong as Lancaster is drawn into a web of intrigue by his ex-wife Yvonne De Carlo and zoot suited gangster Slim Dundee, played by the great Dan Duryea.

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    Out of the Past Jacques Tourneur, Noir icon Robert Mitchum gives an archetypal performance as the fatalistic private eye unable to escape his former life after slimy gangster Kirk Douglas hires him to find the squeeze Jane Greer as the baddest bad girl in noir who shot him and stole his money.

    Duplicitous dames, hard-boiled dialogue, flashback sequences and world-weary voiceover from the laconic Mitchum all find their apotheosis in a movie that defines film noir. The Asphalt Jungle John Huston, Definitive caper movie involving the planning, preparation and execution of a jewellery heist that goes wrong.

    In a Lonely Place Nicholas Ray, Humphrey Bogart gives his most ambiguously compelling performance as the washed up, near psychotic writer suspected of murder. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me. The film opens with a dead body face down in a swimming pool. Said dead guy is narrating the movie. Said dead guy uses ageing woman to further his career.

    Ageing woman uses dead guy for sex and then kills him when he rejects her. Norma Desmond. Billy Wilder.

    Fred MacMurray is brilliantly cast against type in this landmark film as the cocky insurance salesman seduced by quintessential femme fatale Barbara Stanwyck never better into murdering her husband. It was the walk of a dead man.

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    Our view. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Movers List. Geoffrey Macnab. Tech news. Still, even ardent Wellesians should feel gratified at the modest revolution — if only for the proof that film canons and the versions of history they legitimate are not completely fossilised. There may be no larger significance in the bare fact that a couple of films made in California 17 years apart have traded numerical rankings on a whimsically impressionistic list. Yet the human urge to interpret chance phenomena will not be denied, and Vertigo is a crafty, duplicitous machine for spinning meaning….

    But those two films are just still the best at doing what great cinema ought to do: extending the everyday into the visionary. Clearly, no single film is the greatest ever made. But if there were one, for me Kane would now be the strongest contender, bar none. All celluloid life is present in Citizen Kane; seeing it for the first or umpteenth time remains a revelation.

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    So why is it Tokyo Story that is acclaimed by most as his masterpiece? DVD releases have made available such prewar films as I Was Born, But…, and yet the Ozu vote has not been split, and Tokyo Story has actually climbed two places since It may simply be that in Tokyo Story this most Japanese tofu-maker refined his art to the point of perfection, and crafted a truly universal film about family, time and loss.

    Only Renoir has managed to express on film the most elevated notion of naturalism, examining this world from a perspective that is dark, cruel but objective, before going on to achieve the serenity of the work of his old age. When F. Murnau left Germany for America in , did cinema foresee what was coming? Did it sense that change was around the corner — that now was the time to fill up on fantasy, delirium and spectacle before talking actors wrenched the artform closer to reality?

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