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Wilson: Thailand: a handbook of historical statistics. Covers the period Bangkok: Meteorological Department, Almanacs and directories 85 The organizational directory of Thailand. In Thai and English. Arranged by department, with organizational charts and a map of government offices.

Apparently a successor to: Organizational directory of the Government of Thailand. Nunn [6] recorded editions of about and Allison, Auratai Smarnond: Thailand's government including dictionary-locator. South East Asia: a guide to reference material Part 1: Thai government structure, pp. Part 2: Dictionary-locator, an English-Thai glossary of names of government bodies, with many cross-references.

Includes quasi- governmental organizations such as research institutes; also includes names of higher-level administrative divisions. Thai forms are given in script and in Allison's non-standard transcription.

East Asia 2011 - Inclusive Asia: Reinvigorating the Millennium Development Goals

Bangkok: Temple. Includes: the Government; banking, social services, taxation, population; list of diplomants and international organizations; list of temples; directory of individuals. Occasional articles on cultural and historical topics: Watts [6] notes the article on the history of Thai printing fonts in the volume.

Volume 1 Medium Companies of the Continental European Economic Community

Bangkok: Tawanna. Claims to have been 'founded ' but Nunn [6] records holdings from Recent editions list Royal Family, National Assembly, Government, diplomatic corps; Trade associations, marketing, tourism; Finance; Business firms pp. No table of contents. Bangkok: Kompass Publications Thailand.

An alphabetical and classified trade directory. Note also: Million baht business information Thailand. Bangkok: International Business Research Thailand. Bangkok: Marketing Media, Classified arrangement: Chambers of Commerce with their members, pp. C1-C62; classified trade index, pp. D1- D; alphabetical catalogue of selected firms, pp. Earlier title: Bangkok Chamber of Commerce directory.

Thailand investment July directory of BOI promoted companies. Bangkok, Published for the Office of the Board of Investment. General information on foreign investment in Thailand, pp. Ministry of Commerce. Titles have varied: Commercial directory of Thailand: Commercial directory of Siam: Commercial directory for Siam; Importers and exporters directory for Siam. Bangkok: Bangkok Times Office. An almanac with general information on Siam, texts of laws and treaties, calendar, administrative survey.

Official directory, pp. General directory: classified listing of officials of missions, secular societies of various kinds, newspapers, banks, pp. Alphabetical directory of foreign residents, pp. Note also: The Siam directory. Bangkolem: S. Compiled by 92 Directory of scientific and technological institutions in Thailand.

Major Companies of Europe 1990/91 Volume 1

A survey in questionnaire format, with diagrams of administrative structure. No lists of personnel. Arranged hierarchically under government ministries thus universities, pp. A separate grouping of nationally owned business enterprises, pp. Admiralty, Naval Intelligence Division. Geographical handbook series. Compiled in Cambridge and edited by H. Contents: Geology and physical geography; coasts; vegetation; fauna; medical services and health; people; history; government; demography; agriculture, forestry, fisheries, pp.

An appendix adds further statistics, and summarizes what was known of political and economic conditions since Note also: French Indo-China. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, Handbooks prepared under the direction of the Historical Section of the Foreign Office, South East Asia: a guide to reference material 94 A.

Hanoi: Taupin, Paris: Librairie de France []. Hanoi: Mac-Dinh-Tu, Revised by E. Detailed description of the administrative system of French Indochina. Exposition Coloniale Internationale, Paris, Appendix of population statistics. Paris: Van Oest, Paris: Galignani, Relatively detailed outlines of agriculture, vol.

Weimar: Landes-Industrie-Comptoir, Translated by E. London: Dulau, M[ontyo]n, sur la relation de M. Paris: Champion, On the author see the anonymous obituary: 'Notice sur la vie et les travaux de M. Reports Rapport au Conseil de Gouvernement. The regular administrative reports on French Indochina, issued under this or a similar title from to the late s. Separate reports were afterwards issued for administrative divisions, notably: Rapport sur l'exercice du protectorat. Phnom Penh.

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From to ; Rapport d'ensemble sur la situation du Protectorat d'Annam. There is in general no regularity in titles, and no attempt is made here to trace changes from year to year. Some more information on these reports will be found in Cordier [63] and Brewster [3]. Statistics Annuaire statistique de l'Indochine. Exposition coloniale internationale, Paris, A total of 69 maps, including: Meteorological stations , ; Monthly isobar maps; Typhoon trajectories Indochina, South China Sea, Philippines and West Pacific month by month, ; Monthly isotherm maps; Monthly rainfall maps average rainfall, number of rainy days.

Note also: Khiou Bonthonn: Le climat du Cambodge. Until the title was: Annuaire administratif de l'Indochine, the successor to: Annuaire administratif, commercial et industriel de l'Indo-Chine [Administrative, commercial and industrial annual of Indochina], published from The more recent editions arranged thus: part 1, lists of French and local government departments and their functions; part 2, list of officials in order of seniority; part 3, name and subject indexes.

Before there were separate annuals for the subdivisions of French Indochina. For Cambodia: Annuaire du Cambodge. Phnom-Penh: Imprimerie du Protectorat, , Taipei: Central Cultural Supply Agency []. Saigon: Portail, Complete yearbook of Indochina: officialdom, trade, industry, plantations, mines. Private addresses. Saigon, Hanoi: Gallois, February Ross, editor: Cambodia: a country study. Contents: Historical setting, by Donald M.

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Seekins; The society and its environment, by Robert K. Headley, jr; The economy, by Tuyet L. Cosslett; Government and politics, by Rinn-Sup Shinn; National security, by Frank Tatu, the longest section with much historical background. Whitaker and others: Area handbook for the Khmer Republic Cambodia. Frederick P. Munson: Area handbook for Cambodia.

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In this the economic section is strongest pp. Area handbook for Cambodia. United States Army. Not seen; there was also an earlier version issued in Marxist regimes series. A survey of history, politics and government, economic system, and current policy, based on fieldwork up to Phnom Penh: Royal Cambodian Government, Ministry of Information. Not seen: cited from Ross [29]. Steinberg and others: Cambodia: its people, its society, its culture.

Major companies of the Far East and Australasia.

Revised by Herbert H. A general survey. Longer chapters: Historical setting; Ethnic groups and languages; Dynamics of political behaviour; Theory and structure of government; Foreign relations; Agricultural development; Domestic and foreign trade.