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Atmospheric tides form an important mechanism for transporting energy input into the lower atmosphere from the upper atmosphere, while dominating the dynamics of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere. Therefore, learning about atmospheric tides is essential in understanding the atmosphere as a whole.

Modeling and observations of atmospheric tides are needed in order to monitor and predict changes in the Earth's atmosphere. Upper-atmospheric lightning or upper-atmospheric discharge are terms sometimes used by researchers to refer to a family of electrical-breakdown phenomena that occur well above the altitudes of normal lightning.

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The preferred current usage is transient luminous events TLEs to refer to the various types of electrical-discharge phenomena induced in the upper atmosphere by tropospheric lightning. TLEs includes red sprites, sprite halos, blue jets, and elves.

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Main articles: Upper-atmospheric lightning and Sprites lightning. Comparative Aeronomy. Available on-line at: Nature.

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The Thermosphere - the Earth's Outermost Atmosphere. Physics of the Upper Atmosphere. Academic Press.

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A mailing list on comparative aeronomy offers us a dynamic way to exchange information and stimulate interactions. Please send us your contribution! Year marked a renewed interest in the comparative studies of solar system atmospheres. While many individual scientists do not separate their approaches to terrestrial and planetary science, the compartmentalization of specialties and government funding programmatics often appear to erect artificial barriers to separate otherwise coupled research objectives.

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To help reverse this counter-productive trend, two successful initiatives were launched in the year The solar system contains a rich ensemble of atmospheres associated with its eight planets and many moons. In the mesospheres, thermospheres, ionospheres, and exospheres of these bodies there exits an extraordinary range of parameters common to all. Yet, they drive processes chemically and dynamically in ways both similar to those found on Earth and uniquely site-dependent.