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I have always wondered if I would enjoy it as I enjoyed tutoring very much. Joy Femila and my qualification is M. D in Education and M. Presently working as a Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed college in Chennai but still I need a.

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D in women studies with23 years of teaching experience. My husband has retired now and both of us are free now. So can i teach in any reputed US University? As he is free he can accompany me where ever i go. Thank you very much.

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I will like to apply to teach outside once I complete. Did my diploma in South Africa. Can I apply for a teaching post in the Netherlands? We both have education degrees and we both did a masters in education. We have both been teaching for five years and, therefore, have a lot of experience teaching. Andy is a History and Religion teacher here in Ireland and I am an elementary teacher.

I am wondering what the salary would be like for the jobs we are looking for? Would our own accommodation be included?

Command English - A Course in Military English: Student's Book (ELT)

Please let me know what sholud I pursue for getting the my desired job easily. Thanks in advance..!! Celta is highly regarded at international schools and now you have some overseas experience.

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Now the main order of business is the Bachelor's degree. Schools will require that you have completed your degree before hiring you. But rest assured, with a completed CELTA certificate there will be plenty of opportunities for you to teach abroad! What are you waiting for? Subscribe to TIE today and you'll be teaching in an international school by September! Go to our homepage at www.

Good luck! To get started, you should subscribe to TIE at www. Your background in physics, chemistry and math are all in strong demand at international schools so I recommend you go for it! I recommend that you sign-up for TIE's services so you can start looking for your dream job as soon as possible!

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The other requirements are that you have 2 years experience teaching at the K level and that you are certified in your subject area. I would suggest Biology is the closest subject to your field of study. I am a teacher presently in a demonstration school in Nigeria. I have taught physics, add maths and chemistry for more than six years. I did my Master's degree programme in physics and astronomy and had a six month master mobility experience at University of Valladolid, Spain.

I will like to teach in any of the schools outside my country, Nigeria.

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I will be glad if you can. But I have been working as an ESL teacher for 10 years and I also have 3 and a half years of experience teaching primary and secondary school in a private school in my country. Without a bachelor degree which I intend to complete in the Netherlands are there any chances to work as an English teacher abroad? Some schools are telling me they demand at least one year experience post-CELTA, which made me think my 10 years experience teaching is useless.

Is my previous experience really not going to be taken into account? I'm really disappointed and hopeless and I've just started looking for jobs abroad. Sir I have masters degree in English and I have also done masters of philosophy in English. Having 8 years of experience in teaching English in 2 well known schools of India. Do i match up the standards? What is the eligibility criteria that I require to get a job as a teacher in secondary school?

Please check out our website at www. I believe I am flexible and adaptable and could teach a broad range of social Psychiatric arts and sciences - I adore Asia the Philippines and Thailand I have never made applications do they consider part time working. Do I qualify? I am ready to try after my post graduation. Consultant for preschool administrators across a large region in California. Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Does anyone have information about a position that would suit me in Europe?

Please go to home page of this site and hit subscribe. I am applying for my 4th year higher diploma in Education will this be enough?

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I have 12 years experience in the foundation and intermediate phases. You most certainly have the educational qualifications to teach overseas. The experience is related because you taught at the university level, but there are different teaching styles at the K level versus the university level.

I think international school heads would be willing to hire you, but it would be great if you could get some experience teaching at a secondary school. If you would like to get started, just go to the homepage of this site www. Good luck Lorray! I have a PhD in nutrition. Although i have not taught in a secondary or primary school i have extensive extensive experience in university lecturing and tutoring. Would this fulfil teaching requirement? I wanted this for years now it's the time.

I have taught Special Education for 12 years. Where can I teach Special Education? I'm very interested in Australia. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Go to www. As a medical doctor looking to teach overseas at an international school, I am certain you would be qualified to teach biology. I have taught for 4 years and have always considered returning to Europe, as my father was stationed in Germany for my Junior High School and two years of my High School.

Are older in age, only teachers, specializing in traditional and digital art acceptable educators overseas? Will I be able to teach in the States? If yes, what should I do? I have a Bachelors degree in English. I have family members who teach internationally and I am always impressed and a bit jealous of their lifestyle and opportunities.

International schools are looking for teachers like you! Hope to access this opportunity the process would be easier too. I have taught high school math in Texas for the last 6. I am certified to teach math grades Do you think I am a competitive enough applicant to find a teaching job abroad? Clara, You are definitely qualified so the best way to get started is to subscribe to TIE and get started.

You can subscribe on the home page of this site, www. All of the locations you have indicated are places where we have international school vacancies in the TIE network.

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Your chances of finding a job at an overseas international school are very good!