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In particular the focus of attention has been given to genetic research, genetic data, freedom of scientific research in genetics BO and biotech patents. The contributions included in this book present a broad spectrum of different re- search approaches to the issues raised by biotech innovations.

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A Ilaria Anna Colussi. Giulia Vaccari.

Related Papers. Bin, S. Lorenzon, N. Lucchi eds.

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By Roberto Bin. Understanding genetic information as a commons: from bioprospecting to personalized medicine, 7 2 International Journal of the Commons By Nicola Lucchi.

July 12222

Attempt to use IPR in Biotechnology. By Prabhash Chand. The unexamined assumptions of intellectual property: adopting an evaluative approach to patenting biotechnological innovation.

Richard Gold. By Cristian Timmermann. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.


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