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A missing brother, stolen amber, and a devastatingly handsome fishing guide who carries a gun.

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This most recent read came about because of an assignment I had to do for class, lead a book discussion. The instructions specifically said that leaders had to choose a book they both enjoyed. My project partner chose the genre, romance, and I suggested Amber Beach. We also had to take into account that we have a lot of non-romance readers.

This review presents a slight departure from all other reviews. We have a full booktalk rather than ideas, and the discussion questions were decided upon collaboratively. That said, Stacie Schwartz was my project partner. Honor Donovan, one of six Donovan children, heads to the San Juan Islands after getting a call from her oldest brother, Archer, to do so. Many people answer her ad, including a plainclothes cop, a shifty eyed Russian, and Jake Mallory. The cop answers the ad looking for Kyle. The cop, on orders from the US Government, would have seized the panel and Uncle Sam would use it as a bargaining chip in the new world order brought about by the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Oh, and arrested Kyle for theft and murder. Honor dismisses him. The shifty eyed Russian answers the ad looking for Kyle, but he plans to kill him. The Amber Room would make him famous, make him rich, and possibly keep him alive in a post KGB world. She calls him Snake Eyes. Jake Mallory answers the ad looking for Kyle so he can pummel him and get revenge on the Donovan clan for blacklisting him and his company from the Baltic.

Jake was the last person to see Kyle before he disappeared, and the last person to see the shipment of amber which, supposedly, contains the missing panel. Donovan International, the Donovan family company, is desperate to find Kyle and will do anything, including shifting blame onto the next obvious person i. Jake, in order to find and protect him. Jake figures the easiest way to get to Kyle will be through the kid sister, Honor. Honor sense that there is more to Jake, but she needs him to find her brother and hires him on the spot.

What follows is a race against time. Having read this book three times now, that I know of, I can honestly say that it can stand the test of time. Sure, some of the references are dated.

Just insert Georgia for Lithuania, and you have the Georgian crisis in which Russian invaded the tiny country. There was obviously a lot of research put into the minutiae of the story, from boating mechanics to how to spot genuine amber from fake polymers that look like amber. The relationship between Honor and Jake proceeds apace. They dance around each other, trying not to be attracted to the other, but ultimately failing.

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Do I think the adrenaline rush from almost being found asleep during a burglary helped the first sex scene along, yes. But the second scene, after the revelation of Jake as out for revenge, is about as clear-headed decision-making as any contemporary consensual sex scene. Pacing is a bit of an issue. It has a slow start, with all the boat talk and exposition through secondary characters.

The ending may be a bit abrupt, but it is a definitive ending to this story. Kyle is rescued, Honor and Jake admit they love each other, and loose ends are tied off. Yes—Save my other items for later. No—I want to keep shopping.

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ISBN 13: 9780380973170

Average rating: 3. Elizabeth Lowell. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Add to Cart. Arrives by Thursday, Sep Pickup not available. Product Highlights Jewelry designer Honor Donovan was never welcomed into her father's international gem-trading empire like her four brothers were. But when her favorite brother Kyle disappears, rumored to have made off with a fortune in amber, Honor defies the men of the family and heads for the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest in search of answers. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information.

Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Honor Donovan is a shrewd businesswoman, yet she has been shut out of Donovan International by her father and four brothers. When her favorite brother Kyle vanishes, along with a fortune in stolen amber, Honor's questions are ignored by the Donovan males.

Honor needs a guide because she knows nothing about running a boat -- and she knows nothing about Jake Mallory until he answers her ad. One of the things she doesn't know is that Jake is much more than a fishing guide. Honor is completely unaware of the old wars, new politics, greed, and stolen amber that have lured ruthless, high-stakes players from around the globe. Jake wants no part of the intrigue, or of a Donovan woman in his life, but he suspects the Donovans have set him up to take the fall for Kyle's treachery.

The way Jake sees it, some Donovan is going to pay for his troubles, and it just may turn out to be Honor. Specifications Series Title Donovan. Customer Reviews. See all reviews.

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