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Number 11 in Publications. Robert Austerlitz. The distributional identi- Department of General Linguistics, University of fication of Finnish morphophonemes.

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Language, Helsinki, Helsinki. Kimmo Koskenniemi. A discovery proce- Kenneth R. Beesley and Lauri Karttunen. Finite dure for two-level phonology. Zampolli, State Morphology. Cignoni, and C. Peters, editors, Computational Linguistics. Giardini Editori e stampatori, Pisa. The Leipzig Glossing Rules. Con- ventions for interlinear morpheme by morpheme Franklin Mark Liang. Word Hy-phen-a-tion by glosses. Retrieved partment of Computer Science, August.

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Reference Grammar of Herero Otjiherero. The Ment model. Complex states ber 3 in Southern African Languages and Cultures. Routledge, New York. Helmut Schmid. A programming language Glenn David Blank. A finite and real-time pro- for finite state transducers. Sonja Bosch. Rule-based morphological analy- sis: Shared challenges, shared solution. Hun- guages: Analyses, Description and Theory, vol- morph.

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    Two models of grammatical state automata.

    In Loek Cleophas and Bruce W. Word, — Kaplan and Martin Kay. Regu- ports, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Technische Uni- lar models of phonological rule systems. Compu- versiteit Eindhoven. Com- George Anton Kiraz. Compiling regular for- piling generalized two-level rules and grammars. In malisms with rule features into finite-state automata. LNCS, pages — Vectorized finite state automa- ble negation. In Finite-State Methods and Natural ton. Potsdam University Press, Pots- pages 36— Cambridge University Press.

    Kimmo Koskenniemi and Miikka Silfverberg. Lifting interlinear morpheme method for compiling two-level rules with multiple glosses into plain strings in computational morphol- contexts. In Proc. Manuscript 14p. Submitted in March Related Papers. Venda Courses, Lessons, etc. Examples of "Wolof Grammar Manual" Lessons include " Xhosa Courses, Lessons, etc. Taa Courses, Lessons, etc.

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    Yeyi Courses, Lessons, etc. Yoruba Courses, Lessons, etc. Bassa Lessons, Courses etc. Kenyang Lexicon also includes " The Kenyang Alphabet; A list of noun classes with their prefixes and examples; etc Click on Ega. Examples of "A Grammar of Pichi" Chapters include " Narrative and conversation: Miguel falls sick; Conversation: Dinner for four; Routine procedure: Preparing corn-porridge; etc Bilne Courses, Lessons, etc.

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    Examples from over "29" Blin Lesson's include " Dizin Language " Dizin Dizi is an Omotic language spoken in Southwest Ethiopia with three main dialects. This thesis focuses on Central Dizin phonology and morphology, but includes some data from Eastern Dizin and Western Dizin Mursi-English-Amharic Dictionary " They call themselves Mun sing. Muni , and number less than 10, Suri " The Suri, also known as Surma, are agropastoralists living in the semiarid lowland area of the Kafa Administrative Region of Ethiopia For more information see Kunt J.


    Olawsky's Home Page ; Larry M. Click on Dompo Language. Akotta fonihi - Akcnataabuu Ashwai - Mathematical Signs Bennett, et al. The first in a series of three volumes comprising a college-level course in Kikuyu, The 20 units are organized into grammatical categories. Each unit includes a series of statements introducing the topics to be covered in the unit, 5 to 10 taped drills with full instructions and an example, and The second in a series of three volumes comprising a college-level course in Kikuyu Its objective is to provide basic survival speaking and listening skills.

    Each unit consists of Linguistic and Cultural Reference Materials " The third in a series of three volumes comprising a college-level course in Kikuyu The four essays, which are intended to supplement grammatical explanations, cover the phonology of Kikuyu, the noun class system, the verbal system, and clause structures. The paradigm transcripts and conversations are The glossary contains all vocabulary items used in the two sets of course units and the essays, paradigms, conversations, and texts, as well as some additional useful terms.

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    Bassa Courses, Lessons, etc. Lorma Courses, Lessons, etc. Bague, Illustrated by: Anabel L. A combined teacher's manual and learner's manual for the Lorma language of Liberia presents materiala for about hours of study and is the equivalent of a first-year college language course Examples of Malagasy Language Course Lessons include " Grammaire Alphabet, Prononciation; Nombres; Phrases; etc. Thodi, Jean J. Bambara also includes " Bambara Categories Bambara Keyboard allows " Examples of Bambara Language Lessons include " Beginning Bambara Audio Course includes " Over "50" Bamabara Audio Lessons Intermediate Bambara Audio Course includes " Over "" Bamabara Audio Lessons Colher, E.

    Brito, E. Mendes; Artista: O.

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    Vareiro, J. Marques; Artista: O. Sunate, R. Rachide, L. Nabile, T. Campos; Artista: O. Nabil, M.

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    Sunate, T. Gaspar Rachide; Artista: O. Languages and knowledge systems in the area are endangered because of the dramatic changes in the way of life of groups throughout the area in the last 50 years.


    One group whose way of life has changed dramatically in the last 50 years is the! Kung of Namibia and Botswana, who have switched from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to farming and herding cattle. With this change,! Kung speakers have lost traditional knowledge about hunting and gathering permanently, as there is no!

    Kung writing system. The exclamation point in! Kung represents a click — in fact, a particular kind of click. Many languages in Africa, as well as a few in other parts of the world, clicks as part of their consonant system.