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Kollontai, A. Sokolov, V.


Sheinis, Maksim Maksimovich Litvinov , pp. Stalina V.

Sphere of Influence: Russia's Foreign Policy - Full Episode

Molotovu pered poezdkoi v Berlin v noyabre g. Roberts, G. For the British reaction see Watson, D. Waddington, G. Molotova v Berlin v noyabre g.

Volkov, V. See Bezymenskii, L. Molotova s I.

HIST3900 The Soviet Union in World Politics, 1917-1991

Pechatnov, V. Zubok, V. See also Zubok, V. Schmidt, P. Nazi-Soviet Relations , pp. Berezhkov, V. See below p.

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See also Berezhkov, V. Under the leadership of Mikail Gorbachov, radical changes in both the theory and practice of Soviet foreign policy resulted in a new concept based on a vision of the world in full evolution. He called for mutual efforts to solve problems such as debt, hunger, pollution and disarmament in particular. The Soviets also referred to new political thinking to explain surprising policy moves, such as the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, the acceptance of on-site inspection in the Conference on Disarmament in Europe CDE and the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces INF agreements, and the payment of UN dues long in arrears.

Although Gorbachev can be considered to be an innovator, there were other leaders who had initiated dramatic changes in foreign policy throughout Soviet history. Keith John Coleman. SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper Massimiliano Afiero. Top Drawings : Heinkel He Volume 2.

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